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                                               A FEW WORDS ABOUT ALIENS

Sometimes I think we're alone in the universe, and sometimes not. Both ideas seem to me equally daunting.
                                                                                                                                              Artur Klark

Take, for example, that we are alone in the universe and that we become aware of a moment. In some ways it would be really scary knowing it would cause in us the feeling of endless loneliness, and perhaps fear, and the universe itself, with our own, the human point of view, it would lose meaning. Because it's all about it, this great space, if there is no one living in it. Kosmos is meaningless great to be there for us.
Yet there are those who think that we are alone in the vastness. They believe that life is a consequence of the consolidation of amazing, random and unrepeatable circumstances, and that it is this our earthly life, and I'm unique and unrepeatable, and that is impossible in any other place. After all, so many of us and the church taught. But if so, then it means that one day when the Sun swells and burn this life, the universe, it is quite bleak and barren, left to rot down to the last atom, and that no one is to understand it and find its purpose. It would be a sad end of the universe.
True, we should say that we see no reason why the universe had to be a logical, understandable and happy on our own, human logic, especially as we are not able to even themselves very well to understand and make happy.

Statistically speaking universe teeming with life. In our galaxy has hundreds of billions of stars, and let each one has at least one planet or other appropriate body (in average there are certainly many more) and we already have plenty of candidates for the existence of life, no matter how rigorous conditions of life demanded. And where are the other galaxies with their billions of candidates. If we look at such things, alijensi there are only a matter of time when we make contact with them.
Vest of news
Imagine that one clear night sky with flashes signal alien reason, or radio telescopes capture an environment of Vega, as was the case in Seganovom "Contact" (who has not read and does not know what he missed). It would vest over the news, the most since I can remember. The very fact that we are not alone in the universe, would change our philosophy, science and religion, and everything else in one way or the consequences we all felt. No doubt it would be comical situations. Some religious leaders were to be found in wonder and would have trouble explaining his flock what has happened. Others find their way around and to open their scriptures and found that it is written in them (just as it previously not been able to interpret) that the Creator in His wisdom, life posejali everywhere on the Universe, and it would be even more so PRONEA his glory. Astrobiologists would be happiest. He staggered to the excitement and repeated: "Are we talking about, are we talking about? And we did not believe it". Physicists would eagerly drafted a letter in which the aliens would read: "Dear colleagues, did you find Higsov boson and graviton?". Politicians would prevent that it sent a letter until it works alien intentions and important would like to know what they're talking about, breaking the language in the new fuse box as 'Extraterrestrial'. A generals would use the occasion of their parliaments to request additional money for weapons.
Biologists make najumereniji. In the beginning, of course. They are interested in small things: whether extraterrestrial life based on carbon, like us or not. Carbon has a special feature that binds to himself, and then with other atoms. In this way the charcoal build a long and extremely complex chains of compounds on which the life. The largest molecule in living cells containing billions of atoms due to carbon. Whether and extraterrestrial life relies on carbon, well, that is what biologists interested. And if not, then what? Suspected in silicon, but silicon can lag far behind the carbon.
Secondly what biologists lively interest is whether the aliens needed water. Because, what dissolves and moves food through the body, if there is no water. The candidate could be, for example ammonia, but he is fluent in very low temperatures and high pressures.
And excited to each in their own way and chemists, sociologists, linguists, merchants, etc. All in all, it would be cheerful and interesting. No doubt it would be, and fear, and panic in some places. New prophets would crop up around the world and inspire discovery, warned would overweight and demanded collective repentance. Bloomed the street selling talisman and guidance against the aliens, and Hollywood would be red-hot shooting of new films.
Maybe we really need to Stop talking and go off, TV and other transmitters, to be quiet, and sank into the darkness to us aliens would not be noticed. Because what if they get here and find that we are very tasty? Or not, but I appeal to them to the planet, and our dusty spray zemaljaca?
However, scientists and others who deal with these issues are quite complacent in this regard. They too believe that aliens belong to type Vulcans than Klingons, or, God forbid, Borg.
They think like this. Until we could take place only technologically developed civilization much more advanced than us (because we are not able even to neighboring planet to travel, let alone somewhere below). And such technology implies, at least we hope so, a high level of maturity of those who with her handlers. Otherwise, it is no longer a source of wealth and power, but devastating weapon. Give the plane a narrow-minded fanatic and you will see. In other words, if someone has such a powerful technology to the far reaches us, it is that survives its own destructiveness and instead it chose tolerance and peace with oneself and with others.
Muk sky
Well, suppose that in the universe there Vascello alien technology developed civilization. Many astronomers, and others who are interested in the topic so believe today, as they believed in the past, so to speak, of always, or at least since ancient times, as we know for certain. At times during the history of this belief was taken almost a mass scale obsession and establish contact with neighbors was a matter of days. However, the days passed and the sky was left helpless. So finally imposed resignation question: "So why do not occur once!"
Eh, why not? Many books have been written on this topic that only confirms our trait that most talk about what else we do not know.
There's a variety of responses. Maybe we are the aliens actually occur, perhaps waving and shouting, but we do not because we have noticed are deaf and blind to their technology. Nothing you do is worth to broadcast TV program if there is no television audience. You yell into the microphone, raps, and the audience in amazement wondering what just feel. Maybe I should just to perfect our receivers so long interplanetary origin chatting.
And maybe the aliens are not just interested in socializing. It is nice to them ourselves. Or they are, but we do not notice, so we can and do occur. However, if you are not very far away, and if they are smart, they had us by now notice. For half a century as the era of television is the first of our TV shows are already largely covered the distance to the nearest star and advanced aliens they could receive. I reply. Nevertheless, they remain silent. Perhaps, as some believe, video advertising our TV stations, so they hastily turned their receiving antenna on the opposite side. We did not interest them at this level of development bleach for washing.
And maybe our signal has not yet reached them. In fact, the vast distances in the universe and the limited speed of electromagnetic waves and is the biggest problem. Imagine that we have some of the Andromeda galaxy send a message. Had they done it before 2.2 million years ago today she came up to us and we would kindly read the question, "How are you?". Our response: "Fala, here is not bad, somehow pushing" up to them to come for the next 2.2 million years ago, that at a time when we may have more and will not be. Or they will not be. For us, the existence of aliens with whom we can not make contact with the same importance as that they do not exist. Almost. (And it would be so interesting that we catch some extra-terrestrial TV. Who knows what they use anti-dandruff tentacles on its head).
Wanted alive or extinct
These are all interesting and important issues on the edge of science and science fiction. Mainly in the latter. That's why now a little closer to science.
The only thing we know is that there is life and ours. For other persistently mark primarily in the solar system, a bit out of it.
In the solar system, search for life has two aspects: the quest for the now existing life and the search for extinct life. Pre billion or two years Mars was flowing water and many believe that there were some simple forms of life. When the water from the surface of Mars disappeared, then his life is extinct. Probably. Water has largely evaporated, but it may have some amount withdrawn in the ground. It is possible that the life pulled below ground. This is a subject for further research.
Sem Marsa good candidates for the existence of life as well as some satellites: Jupiter and Saturn Europe Enceladus and Titan. Europe and Enceladus are rich liquid water (below the crust of ice), and Titan is interesting because of its rich atmosphere, similar in composition to the early Earth's atmosphere, and the lakes of methane that were recently discovered on it.
In any case, if it finds an alien in the solar system, it will be extremely simple and viewers it through a microscope. Nothing more developed than that is not expected. Intelligence even less. Intelligence only exists on our planet. For example, they say that dolphins are intelligent.
(If you are in the solar system has no more life somewhere, maybe it was good. For 50 years the development of cosmonautics by the solar system were razmilele terrestrial aircraft. Had some advanced Martians, etc. Jupiterijanaca solar system we'd all been pretesan.)
The next decade will be dedicated and the search for life outside our solar system. Astrobiologists expect indirect evidence that life. These worlds are too far to let our aircraft popped down to them and looked at whether there someone. But future cosmic observatories with new technology and our new knowledge may fail to detect the candidates, the planet earth guy, and that in their atmospheres discover products life.
Topic "extraterrestrial life" opens up a number of important issues. On most of them either have no response or have them too, but doubtful. Both cases speak of our ignorance.
For example, if life is a necessary phenomenon in the universe? Whether we came along by the force of a cosmic law ("The more you search the whole universe and study the details of its architecture, the more evidence I find the fact that the universe in some sense must have known we were coming - Frimen Dyson). And if life emerges wherever there are good conditions, only if you give him enough time? Or, on the contrary, and this our life is pure coincidence, comic freak of nature? Maybe.
If intelligence is necessary when life one answer, only if there is sufficient time available? Or is this our intelligence, whatever about her achievements mean, coincidence?
If there are advanced civilizations in the universe, such as those: the dangerous, destructive or peaceful and dedicated to scientific research? Do they know the purpose of life, and one purpose of the universe? And whether we can to exchange thoughts with them?

Either way I do not know whether there is life somewhere else. Stare at the sky and we hope to get a sign. We wonder what it does for centuries and we are looking for reasons and excuses as aliens yellow. We told some of the possible reasons, and remained one. Maybe aliens are quiet because they are not.